sports fancied by the rich

3 Popular Sports Fancied By The Rich

There’s a reason certain activities––golf, skiing, sailing––are stereotyped as sports for the rich. The common element between them all is that they have a high-barrier to entry. Basically, you need to have an abundance in leisure time, money, transportation ability, or sometimes all three in order to participate. 

If you’re a high net worth (HNW) individual, as defined by Wealth-X as a person with $1 million to $30 million in net worth, then you’re in luck. You probably have at least a little bit of free time to devote to hobbies and some cash to burn. The best way to spend some of that hard-earned dough is by picking up a new sport. You get exercise, a new hobby, and probably a few friends with similar interests along the way. 

While golf, skiing, and sailing are similar in that they are popular amongst the elite, they each have their own benefits, seasons, and skill-sets. Continue reading to see which one will fit you best!


There’s a reason that golf has the reputation as the most popular sport among the wealthy. The many benefits far outweigh the few costs. 

Golfing is expensive––with club memberships, pricey equipment rentals or purchases, lessons––it’s a game for the rich. And you need not only money, but also time to play. A regular 18-hole game for a small group takes about four hours. 

But time and money aside, golfing brings endless joy to those who play. Imagine spending a beautiful morning with a few of your friends in the rolling grass of a golf course, the sun shining peacefully on you while you take a swing. If you opt to skip the golf cart, you can even get about five miles of walking in during an 18-hole game. 

Due to the low impact nature of the sport, there are also very few injuries, meaning that it’s possible to continue to play well into old age. And since golf is a sport that engages technique and skill over physical prowess, the longer you play, the better you get. 


While it’s only possible to ski in the winter (you need snow, duh), it’s very possible to practice this sport year-round if you have the funds to travel to where the snow is. Want to hit the slopes in the summer? Hello, southern hemisphere. 

Besides the need to travel to snow, what makes this a sport for the rich? Mostly the equipment and lift passes. Quality skis and comfortable boots are a get-what-you-pay-for kind of deal. Lift tickets, especially for popular ski resorts, can run you over $100 per day for an adult weekend pass. 

But people who love skiing say that nothing compares to feeling the wind whip their cheeks as they glide down the slope, surrounded by powdery white snow and picturesque pines. Burning an average of 300 calories an hour doesn’t hurt either. 


Is it too obvious to explain why sailing belongs to the affluent? I mean, you need a boat. Good boats for sailing can cost $80,000 (and plenty more than that with added features and luxuries). Don’t forget to tack on maintenance and boat storage, too. 

But with the cost of sailing comes total freedom. With a sailboat, you can potentially sail around the world, not to mention burn calories and build muscles while you’re at it. Imagine working on your beach body while sailing to an actual beach. That is the life. 

Of course, not all sailing has to be to far destinations. There’s also the option of taking a quick trip for a few hours or trying your hand at competitive sailing. The options are limitless! 


No matter if you want to roam enchanted grass hills while golfing, pump up your adrenaline while skiing down mountains coated in fresh snowfall, or smell the salty air as you sail the ocean, make sure you get out there and experience the fun and exclusive sports of the rich. And don’t stop at just golfing, skiing, and sailing. The options are limitless!