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How To Make Money Writing and Self-Publishing Books

The internet has given us so many options when it comes to making additional income. It has opened doors in the worlds of telecommuting, entrepreneurship and it also serves as an avenue for creative minds looking to sell and promote their work.

Writers are one professional group that can benefit from the money-making opportunities the internet has to offer. Now, there are many options for self-publishing that allow authors to profit directly from their book sales. Read on to find out more about how you can take advantage of these services.

Self-Publishing on Amazon

There are many ways to publish your work online, but Amazon has become the most popular due to the potential profit and ease of use. 

There are many options when it comes to self-publishing on Amazon. The most cost effective and efficient way to self-publish is through eBooks. This allows people to download your work directly to devices like Kindles and it can all be done easily through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Program. Amazon does not charge any fees to authors that use this program and it has several advantages as well which are as follows: 

  • You can upload your book in minutes, and it will be available in just a couple of days. 
  • You can set your own prices for your book and you will retain all the rights.
  • You keep 70% of the sale price for every book sold
  • You can make changes to your book and upload them at any time. 

If you would like to create a printed copy of your book, you can also do that through the Kindle Direct Publishing Program. However, authors will only get 60% of royalties from books sold in this format. Amazon will subtract publishing costs from each sale as well. However, this may be a worthwhile step as it will help you increase overall sales. 

Getting Your Book to Sell

Now that you know the options for self-publishing, you want to take steps to make sure your book sells. You can start by selecting a topic you know people will want to read about.

Many authors choose to write about topics they are interested in, and this is fine if you are looking to do something you are passionate about. However, if you are looking to make money, you will want to choose a subject matter that will attract readers.

To determine the types of books readers will want to read, take a look at Amazon’s top sellers and find topics that seem to be making the most money. On the other hand, you can also choose a less traveled path in the hopes that writing about something unique will help your book to stand out. 

Once you have chosen a topic and written your book, use effective marketing methods to get it to sell. An attractive cover and enticing description will work to attract readers. Be sure to include keywords in your description to help the book get noticed on search pages.

Reviews are also vital in helping a book to sell. It’s a good idea to give free copies to your friends, relatives and co-workers as this will help bring in favorable reviews which can boost sales.

Advertising and Marketing Your New Book

Be sure to advertise your book through social media, online forums and whatever other relevant platforms are available. 

Amazon also has an AMS program that offers cost effective paid advertising that can help boost sales. 

Having multiple books on sale at one time will also help you cross advertise to increase sales. When people click on products on Amazon, they will also see listings for related products. Therefore, if they click on one of your books, the listing for the other book will pop up increasing the chances they will buy both products.

Finally, remember, quality matters. After writing your book, give it to a proofreader to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Also, invest in a skilled graphic designer to make sure your cover art looks great. 

If people are happy with your book, they will be more likely to give you a good review and buy your work in the future.

If you are looking to make extra money, writing and self-publishing can be a great way to increase your income while doing something creative that you can feel passionate about. Good luck following your dreams while watching those numbers continue to rise.