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How to Make Money Coding: Will You Make The Next Billion Dollar App?

Coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites. And with technology taking over the world, it should come as no surprise that those who know how to code may have a lucrative career ahead of them.

Of course, there are several jobs that you can apply for if you have advanced coding skills. But even if you are just starting out, with a little creativity, you can use your knowledge to find a situation that works for you. Here are some options to choose from. 

Make Apps

With the increased use of mobile devices, it’s no wonder that apps are a popular way to access web sites and take advantage of the features they offer. That’s why learning to design apps can be a great way to bring in extra money. 

Swift and Objective-C are both coding platforms that can help you create basic apps within a few hours. If you have a good idea for an app, you can create it yourself and launch it on the app store. 

And while coding apps can be complicated, there is plenty of software that offers automatic coding that can help you create apps in a matter of minutes. 

Work for Local Businesses

Almost every business needs some type of professional programming to help them develop basic apps and websites. If they don’t have huge budgets, they may be looking for someone who is just starting out and won’t charge too much money. 

Even though this will not bring in large amounts of income, it will help you bring in some extra money and it will look good on your resume.

Offer Tutorials

Because coding is the wave of the future, there are many people who are willing to pay to learn this skill. When it comes to offering tutorials, there are several paths you can take. You can offer lessons from home if you have a decent space to teach in. 

Alternately, you can rent a space to teach in. If you can find one that is cheap enough, you will still be able to turn a profit. Try hitting up local community centers as they may have spaces you can teach out of and they will also help you advertise your services.

Another option is to offer online tutorials. You can set up your own web site, get it SEO optimized and link it to Google AdSense to bring in extra income. 

Other options include creating a blog or vlog. If these gain enough of a following you can bring in extra income through affiliate marketing, by selling ad space or by getting sponsorship’s. 


Freelancing coding skills can be a great way to bring in extra money and build your resume while working flexible hours. However, many clients will expect industry level code, and if you are not at this level, it can be difficult to find high paying jobs. 

The best thing to do is to be honest about your skill level and be okay with lower paying jobs that may come in from startups. 

Upwork and Freelancer are both recommended sites for finding freelance work. All you have to do is set up a profile and start bidding for jobs. You never know what kind of opportunities will knock.

Enter Coding Contests

Coders can also enter coding contests to win cash prizes. While there are several websites and organizations that host coding contests, Topcoder is the biggest and most popular. 

Topcoder offers three different competition area; design, data science and development. Competitors can work on real world challenges for 2000 global clients or compete in single round matches. 

The competitions are fun, challenging and collaborative. They are a great way to hone your skills and become part of a community while getting the opportunity to make some extra cash. 

Coding is a skill that can be quite beneficial in this age of technology. With so many money-making possibilities, those that are interested in this field should work on getting all the experience they can. Once you have some jobs under your belt, who knows? You may be on the road to graduating to the $100+ salary senior developers can rake in.