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How To Legally Get Free Internet At Home (And In Public!)

Ah, the internet. It’s such a wonderful resource. It allows us to shop for much needed items, connect with other people and find out valuable information all from the comfort of our own home.

These days internet has become more than just a convenience, it’s a necessity. And wonderful as it is, it can also be quite expensive. Did you know there are ways to get free internet at home and in public…and it’s completely legal?

Read on to find out how you can get free internet service wherever you are.

Go To A Location With Free Wi-Fi

There are several locations with free internet hot spots or public hot spots that will allow you to get free internet. Here are a few we recommend.

  • Coffee Shops: Almost all coffee shops offer free internet. Grab a cup of joe and relax while doing your work online.
  • Co-working Spaces: Co-working spaces are becoming more popular as office options for start-ups. Many have free Wi-Fi. However, you are often required to rent these spaces for a fee, and only then would you be able to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi features. 
  • Fast Food Restaurants: In order to keep up with coffee shops, many fast food restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. Note that you may be required to pay for a coffee or soda in order to stay long enough to get your work done. 
  • Library: The library is a great free internet service for low income because you are not required to make a purchase. However, library computers are often in high demand so be sure to get there early.

Free Internet Providers

There are a few reliable companies that can provide you with your own free internet Wi-Fi hotspot. These include the following:

Freedom Pop: Freedom Pop allows you to pay a small fee to receive a tiny internet hotspot that you can use to get online. Then you can access 200 MB of data per month at no additional charge. 

If you need more data, you will have to pay but rates are pretty affordable and make a great free internet low income choice. 

Net Zero: Free internet Net Zero is another option for free internet service. Their package includes 10 hours of dial up internet access at no cost. Their free mobile broadband gives you 200 MB of free monthly mobile data. 

Like Freedom Pop, you can get more internet access if you opt for a paid plan, but this is still very affordable. 

Juno: Like Net Zero, free internet Juno also provides you with 10 hours of dial up at no cost. You can also get multiple free email addresses as an added bonus. 

With these services you can get free internet for life!

Free Internet Government

The government is aware of the hurdles low income families and individuals face if they are unable to afford internet access. That’s why they have partnered with the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, to create a program called Connect to Compete. 

If you want to get free internet, you must visit the web site. Then enter the required information to find out about free internet services in your area and see if you qualify. Even if you don’t qualify for a free plan, you may find a low cost alternative. 

The service is great because it allows you to get free internet at home which is perfect for stay at home moms that are low income. 

In also provides free internet in schools. Offering free internet service for students can be extremely helpful as college students are often low income but rely on the internet for research, to schedule classes and more.

How Do I Find Free Internet Providers In My Area? 

If you are wondering ‘is there is a free internet service near me?’ All Free ISP can help.

All Free ISP doesn’t actually provide you with internet service, but it does connect you with free internet service providers. 

It’s basically a big database of free internet providers from all over the country. All you have to do is plug in your zip code and it will come up with a list of providers as well as reviews so you can get an idea of what each provider has to offer.

Free Internet For Students

As mentioned before, students are often low income. College students are known for being broke, but even younger students can come from low income families. 

Because the internet has become such a valuable resource for studying, some school districts provide free web access at home. 

In order to get free internet for your student, your school district will have to qualify. It is a good idea to request a meeting with your district superintendent to discuss how you can get a program like this for you child’s school.

Free Internet For Seniors

Seniors are another group that is often in the low-income bracket. Seniors may be best off looking into plans with Freedom Pop, Net Zero, Juno or EveryoneOn.

There are also plenty of providers that offer low cost plans for low income families and individuals. Comcast Internet Essentials pilot program specializes in offering low cost internet for seniors. If they qualify, seniors can get internet service for as low as $10 a month as well as home wi-fi, a free computer and internet training classes.

Free Internet Trial

If you find yourself in a temporary cash crunch, there are plenty of services that offer limited time trials. Here are some we found:

However, not only is this service temporary, many services will require you to enter your credit card information to gain access. Once the trial is up, they may automatically start billing you if you don’t cancel in time. 

How To Get Free Internet Illegally

Of course, you can get internet service illegally by hacking into a neighbor’s account. However, this can result in fines and even arrests and it is not recommended. 

Hopefully this article has provided you with valuable information on how to get free wireless internet. Looking for free programs and services or seeking out the right locations will help you get free internet wherever you are. Good luck in finding a solution that works for you.